Whole9Yards, an international fashion label headquartered in Singapore, is strengthening its presence in the local shopping scene with the opening of not one but TWO boutiques in the heart of Orchard Road in June 2014 to provide a more integrated shopping experience for its savvy, sophisticated, and discerning consumers. “We are delighted to receive positive responses from our customers and feel that it is timely to capitalise on the brand’s rising popularity to meet the customers’ demands. With the opening of the two boutiques at Orchard Gateway and Wisma Atria, customers are able to enjoy a more experiential and unique shopping experience which allows them to have a better understanding of Whole9Yards’ positioning,” explains Ms. Widelia Liu, CEO of Whole9Yards. “This move also represents our confidence and commitment to penetrate into Singapore’s growing retail scene, which is in line with our expansion plans by hoping to gain a strong foothold and making it more accessible to the different demographics of shoppers who patronise the two malls,” adds Ms. Liu. Adhering to the brand’s vision of timeless femininity, shoppers will be greeted by Parisian elegance upon visiting the boutiques. Featuring a striking black facade and a metallic French gate, this is contrasted with the soft colour palettes used in the interior to create a comfortable and charming shopping ambience. Artfully curated with an intriguing mix of old and new, the boutiques consist of sleek geometric elements and intricate vintage furnishing. A key feature of the boutiques is its integrated fitting rooms that showcase a customised French mirror and seasonal art installations.


Whole9Yards @ Wisma Atria (#01-­‐05)

Spanning 517 square feet, this boutique features a porous archway inspired by the Arc de Triomphe. Serving as the main focal point of the boutique, it is made up of more than a thousand pieces of rods hanging intricately by fine steel cables; embodying the spirit of Whole9Yards’ attention to fine details in their products. Adopting an inter-­‐play of white and grey scheme complemented by brass and timber furnishing, the grey herringbone flooring gradually changes from light to dark as one walks deeper into the boutique, which subtly enhances the luxurious and cosy feel of the environment.

Whole9Yards @ Orchard Gateway (#02-­‐06)

This 678 square feet boutique takes cue from Salvador Dali’s Rosa Meditativa painting to evoke a feeling of surreal bliss and romanticism. Surrounded by lush curtains in soothing hues, shoppers can browse through clothes which are displayed on sleek brass bars. The boutique is further decorated with “floating” mirrors, vintage furniture and crystal light shades to accentuate the design concept.

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