Salt grill & Sky bar presents a refreshed dining experience complete with new menus and Executive Chef Mathew Leighton

Modern Australian cuisine is truly an intersection of influences from cuisines around the world, with much emphasis placed on the provenance and freshness of the ingredients used, as well allowing the natural flavours of these ingredients to shine through.

Defining modern Australian cuisine with Luke Mangan’s signature touch, Executive Chef Mathew Leighton executes the newly launched menus at Salt grill and Sky bar with panache. Having sharpened his knives across kitchens in several of Luke Mangan’s restaurants, he brings with him the same culinary standards upheld by his previous stints within the Salt empire and is currently the youngest Executive Chef in the group.

This week on HOT CHEF, Chef Mathew show us one of his signature starters;  the Tea smoked quail, an original creation in which the bird is smoked with a combination of earl grey tea and rice, and nicely paired with almond cream, prunes, truffled grains, shallot and sorrel.



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