StyleTribute is transforming the pre-owned luxury market and online fashion scene in Singapore. It is the new trendy destination to sell & buy pre-loved and curated luxury-designer fashion. Our purpose is to connect high-end fashion lovers. We enable them to sell in a hassle-free way and buy high-quality, designer pieces without the luxury price tags and with full assurance in their authenticity. More than just a luxury fashion boutique, StyleTribute strives to become the style expert our clients turn to for advice, be it fashion or lifestyle. This translates into our philosophy of building long, lasting relationships with our clients that go beyond just the fashion commercialization. StyleTribute strongly believes that being stylish is not just about
the latest trends or the most popular brands. Personal style, the ability to creatively mix and match, and unassuming confidence are the key ingredients of style. Thus, we are constantly collaborating with different like-minded partners from various industries. This latest partnership with Inverted Edge proudly presents to you our time capsule collaboration, The Style Icon Series.

Category: FLiP STYLE, NEW


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