Situated at Triple One Somerset, the newly opened Seasons Bistro presents seasonally-changing menus with an eye on the multi-faceted cuisines of the Americas as its inspiration. Eating by the season forms the basis of the dining philosophy here, as the founders believe that seasonal food not only tastes better, but also offers better value for diners. “When ingredients are in season, they are superior in flavour and also more accessible in price,” says Thomas Leclercq, Managing Partner at Belgasia Singapore, the holding company for Seasons Bistro here. The company has investments in multiple restaurants in North Asia and Seasons Bistro is its first foray into Southeast Asia. “With that in mind, we aim to always serve fresh produce by the season, passing on the cost savings to our guests when they dine in,” he adds. Participating in the inaugural Sustainable Seafood Festival 2014, Seasons Bistro is also an ardent advocate of sustainability and conservation, incorporating sustainable produce such as MSC-Certified seafood within its dishes wherever possible. Known as “the melting pot of the world”, America’s cuisine is an amalgamation of diverse cuisines from many regions, each unique and influenced by the ingredients available locally. From the seafood specialties of New England, down to Louisiana’s famous gumbo, all the way over to the exotic Mexican-spiced dishes of the Southwest, diners at Seasons Bistro are taken on a culinary tour around the continent. Inspired by Executive Chef Benjamin Fong’s travels in America, each dish on the menu tells a story and pays homage to their provenance across the various cities. Designed to welcome diners at any time of the day, the spacious establishment is bedecked with warm wood furnishings against the expansive glass windows that offer a great view of the bustling streets of Somerset Road. Frames of the New York City backdrop adorn the walls, channelling the vibrancy of the metropolitan city and fostering conviviality within a cosy setting. Diners can also enjoy a pleasant drinking experience in the restaurant’s bar area with seating arrangements along the bar counter or on high tables. An extensive deli counter is also available at the restaurant with a takeaway menu of gourmet sandwiches, cold cuts and cheese platters for convenient meals.


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