Salt grill & Sky bar presents a refreshed look featuring an added exclusive dining area and a brand new bar, together with a new spring menu unveiled by Executive Chef Mathew Leighton.

A modern Australian all-day restaurant by celebrity chef-restaurateur Luke Mangan, Salt grill & Sky bar is known for its one-of-a-kind experience that begins even before guests enter the restaurant. From a designated concierge reception within the iconic ION Orchard, guests are ushered into a private, high-speed elevator that takes them up directly to the restaurant which is located on the 55th floor. Upon entering, one is greeted with the magnificent expanse of the main dining room that exudes chic-modernity with full glass floor-to-ceiling windows that span two storeys high, boasting a stunning landscape of the city skyline from the highest point on Orchard Road.

For its new look, Salt grill and Sky bar worked with award-winning interior design company designphase dba to give the venue a good makeover. Perched on the 56th floor is a new private dining area that offers an intimate alcove for utmost privacy for diners seeking greater exclusivity, with unobstructed views overlooking Orchard Road and even stretching out to Marina Bay Sands and the CBD skyline. The main dining room also boasts a swanky new bar on a mezzanine floor that serves up tipples unique to Salt grill and Sky bar, complementing the warm tones and mood-enhancing light sculptures that have been introduced to the restaurant’s new interiors.


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