FLiPSiDE Riot !n Magenta

Nobody knows why RIOT IN MAGENTA replaced the “I” in its name with an exclamation mark. Maybe it is a reflection of how this quintet from Singapore has a no-laptops policy for their live shows. The band is known for its distinctive soulful melodies lined with edgy, rhythmic beats, moulding the diverse musical elements of electronica, trip-hop and soul into smooth, synth driven tracks. They released their debut EP, R3B007 in 2013; and a four-track EP, Voices, in 2015. A constant exploration of how they can push the boundaries of performing electronic music is what sets this band apart from the rest.

Riot In Magenta’s journey could be said to be one of sonic alchemy.

Known for their distinctive soulful melodies lined with edgy, rhythmic beats, the quintet crystallizes the diverse musical elements of electronic, trip-hop and soul into smooth, synth tracks. Their music, a prism that distills colors into white light.

Weaving together the powerhouse vocals of Eugenia Yip with the mellow synths of Hayashida Ken, and the tight, precise rhythms of Khairyl Hashim (guitar), Sulaiman Supian (bass) and Ritz Ang (drums), the five-man band from Singapore released their debut EP, R3BOOT, at Esplanade Recital Studio in 2013.

“The boundaries between organic soul and digitalised synth-pop were blurred…” – JUICE Magazine, August 2014

“When I see colors, I hear sound,” says Hayashida. The name Riot !n Magenta came about when he was listening to Yellow Music Orchestra’s “Riot in Lagos”, and was hit by visions of magenta. The naming, spontaneous; and entirely befitting of the band’s dynamic sonic alchemy.

As artists seeking to constantly re-invent themselves, the musicians are driven by their desires to explore and blur the conventional boundaries of sound. Charmed by that spirit, Riot !n Magneta has been invited to collaborate on events such as Reyka Encounter, an interactive art installation by Icelandic Vodka makers, and Cloud, a film-installation that premiered at Esplanade Theatre Studio Singapore, and toured to Festival Tokyo 2013.

These days, the band is busy writing and recording their sophomore EP, slated to be released early 2015.

“If you look hard enough, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. It could be just a tiny ray — but it’s about becoming your own magnifying glass, and radiating that light,” says Yip. With Riot !n Magenta, that light sounds crystal clear.


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