Portico (#porticosg), meaning ‘porch’ in Italian, is where family, friends and guests are invited into our home. The house, in this instance, is an all-day dining cafe, restaurant and bar comprising an intimate main dining room, bar and lounge area. The porch opens out onto a lush garden set amid edible herbs, fruits and plants. Our restaurant serves original hearty home-style creations using the best seasonal ingredients, locally/regionally sourced where possible.

The Portico family pays close attention to details and these personal touches are evident from the use of artisanal ingredients right down to handcrafted finishes. Every piece of furniture is hand-picked to create a homely atmosphere. Besides a series of unique crockery commissioned from a local ceramic artist specially for Portico, the showpiece coffee machine christened ‘Lola’, is a one-of-a-kind custom-ordered and built Kees van der Western ‘Spirit’ which renders the perfect cuppa.


A graduate from at-sunrice Global Academy, Kelvin relishes the rush of adrenaline in a bustling and hot kitchen during meal times as he constantly challenges himself to work harder and better at each service.

Kelvin’s interest in food started around the tender age of eight, when he used to watch and help his maternal grandmother prepare meals at home. When he enrolled into culinary school later on, his passion for cooking was further fuelled when he discovered the intricacies of cooking and culinary skills.

Citing Marco Pierre White as a source of inspiration for his unwavering dedication to his craft, Kelvin thrives on the immense sense of satisfaction when he sees that customers are delighted with his dishes. Steadily over several years since the age of 17, Kelvin has honed his craft at various established local restaurants such as Absinthe and St Pierre.

Personally, he favours Japanese cooking styles for its lighter and uncomplicated stance as the ingredients’ innate flavours are usually preserved or enhanced with simple culinary techniques. Eventually, he hopes to own his restaurant where he is able to satiate customers’ appetites with his unique blend of Japanese-inspired European repertoire.

At Portico, Kelvin is keenly involved in conjuring and testing out new dishes with his colleagues to present exciting offerings to customers.


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