Me-In 美/IN is the Korean lifestyle online store

Me-In is inspired by the “It Girl” – the young woman who possesses the indefinable quality “It” – absolute attraction without overtly flaunting her sexuality; and in the words of Diane Von Furstenberg, “It’s really about being a forever girl!”

Me-In is borne from the desire to serve the modern pragmatic woman. It’s for her to be aptly dressed for diverse circumstances and situations, whatever that may be. Her demanding and high-paced lifestyle requires her to be always ready for the challenges that lie ahead of her each day.

Work, Play, Love – Me-In helps the modern woman to achieve this effortlessly. Me-In is an authentically Korean brand. All creative aspects Me-In™ originate from and are organized in Korea – “Made in Korea”, photographed and modeled by Koreans in Seoul.

Hyejin Kim, our Creative Director conjures beautiful images of the “It Girl” to visualise and realise complete outfits with matching accessories for that right look. Shopping at Me-In™ is a head-to-toe experience, unique in its own way. More details about Hyejin Kim and our outfits can be found the accompanying files.

Category: FLiP STYLE, NEW


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