Born and raised in a colourful family of theatre pedigree in Singapore, Inch was always destined for the performing arts. She learnt the guitar and started songwriting while enrolled at fine arts school. In 2009, Inch gained the attention of music critics with the release of her debut EP, The Bedroom – a collection of playfully delightful melodies. The success of The Bedroom opened the door to her first invitation to SXSW Music Festival in 2010.

Since then, Inch played at The Canadian Music Festival and again at SXSW in 2012, opened for The Like, Katy Perry, Macy Gray and Vampire Weekend, performed at Asia’s key festivals MIDI (Beijing, China), Mosaic (Singapore), Baybeats (Singapore), Music Matters (Singapore) & TEDxWomen (Washington DC). Following The Bedroom, Inch released Peace, Love & Mistletoe in December 2009; and an acclaimed full-length album Wallflower in 2010.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Inch is working on her sophomore album Bumfuzzle; a work which has had her ruminating on coming of age and penning rawer, darker material.

Category: Flip Music, NEW


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