Following the success of music web series FLiPSIDE, FLiPTV has launched their second original web series, HOT CHEF. Join host, Ashleigh Martin, as she scours the city for brand new restaurants offering with ‘simply delectable’ dishes. Each week FLiPTV will feature new restaurants and the Hot Chefs behind their dining concepts.

What’s unique about HOT CHEF is that it doesn’t just feature HOT NEW restaurants, but it also showcases delicious recipes and chats with the creative chefs. Audiences can watch and learn how to cook secret signature recipes served at the restaurant for their own love interests.

HOT CHEF is definitely for foodies who are not only looking for the next place to dine, but also those who love to cook. In just a couple of minutes viewers can learn great tips on how to prepare food, the best ingredient-pairings and how to impress in the kitchen.