Gyoza-Ya, a casual dining restaurant which houses both the star dishes of Gyoza and Jya Jya Men in a comfortable and friendly dining setting, is located at Orchard Road – Robinsons Orchard (Heeren Mall). Gyoza-Ya is the latest concept by the Akashi Group.

Gyoza-Ya, which serves variations of freshly made gyozas, is a House of Gyozas. These “dumplings” are expertly made by our Gyoza Master Chef from Japan immediately as an order comes in. Jya Jya Men – First in Singapore. Japanese noodles with special miso sauce, minced pork and vegetables – is an innovative idea of transforming simple noodles to a delicious food extravaganza. The result is an unforgettable dining experience. Let Japan come to you!


You will be welcomed to an open concept dining area where the kitchen stadium is strategically placed in the middle of the restaurant. Guests can either enjoy their food from the tables or be seated around the kitchen on our specially designed bar seats which provides “live cooking entertainment”.

The Chef’s Toy –“Japanese Technology ensuring consistent quality while defining a taste of heritage

Using the latest Japanese technology to assist the team Gyoza-Ya vows consistent taste and quality with every dish. Every gyoza made in Gyoza-Ya holds a consistent weight and size with the automated gyoza machine. Gyoza can be made fresh before cooking with the high speed of the forming machine requiring only seconds to make.The gyoza griller emits constant heat throughout the grill surface with optimal temperature for gyoza ensuring every gyoza a crispy flat base, a soft delicate gyoza skin and a juicy filing with a delectable broth.

Automated ramen boiler boils all Jya Jya Men “Al-Dente” that pairs perfectly with special miso. The machine ensures constant water temperature, clarity of boiling water and time with factors to a perfect Jya Jya Men.

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