IGNITE Music Festival 2014 is an annual Music Festival organized by The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC). With the theme of Passion and Compassion, this unique music festival involves the participation of more than 300 RP students, making it a student-driven event. 

With it’s inaugural show back in 2008, IGNITE! Music Festival has been touted as one of the largest music festivals in Singapore. Showcasing local talents such as Plainsunset, Electrico, The Great Spy Experiment, Fatskunks, Caracal and many more.

Over the years, more than 20,000 people have enjoyed and been part of the IGNITE! Music Festival series. IGNITE! has been spurred on by the many positive reviews from the local media, music industry and the youth communities.

IGNITE! has always been about free and good music in a great setting. Most importantly, doing all that we love for a good cause (Passion & Compassion).

Forming an integral part of the Music Festival, the festival village keeps fans occupied with activities from the service-learning communities (Hair for Hope, volunteer welfare organizations), to promote social good and compassion. Not forgetting the rest of the village and their savory trendy merchandise to satisfy your every appetite, be it bite-sized or whopper takeaways! 


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