Chargrilled Asparagus with Miso Dressing

This week on HOT CHEF, Chef Manel Valero of Moosehead Kitchen & bar show us the secret of one of their signature dish,chargrilled asparagus with miso dressing.

Manel Valero was born in Olesa de Montserrat, a town about 30 km from Barcelona famous for its olive oil production. He studied art and design at Barcelona’s Escola Massana, where he specialized in painting. However a stint at a catering company sparked in the youthful Manel a calling for the kitchen, and he left for Beijing to work in the Spanish restaurant Migas. He arrived in Singapore in 2012 and helped open FoodBar Dada (the now defunct tapas bar on Robertson Quay), Prive Grill, as well as research at 2am:Lab, before setting up Moosehead.

Manel’s interest in painting and music – he has been spinning as a DJ since 16 – is a key factor of Moosehead’s cultural energy, as well as the subtle complexities of its cuisine. “I always keep my mind open to the possibilities of ingredient and technique and flavors, wherever I find myself,” says Manel. He remembers childhood holidays in Cadiz, a seaside town on the Andalusian coast, and its wonderful seafood and weather (“my favorite dish is braised squid stuffed with tentacles and veggies”); and he wears a tattoo of his grandmother on his left forearm.

What inspires the chef in Manel? His answer: “Young chefs in great restaurants around the world, such as David Chang at Momofuku, and the guys at Roberta’s in Brooklyn, New York … guys who are breaking the norm.”



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