Bar-Roque Grill is the modern rotisserie and bar that celebrates the pleasures of the table – the sweetness of living as shared with one’s lovers, friends and family. ‘Love on the Plate’ – the restaurant’s motto – eloquently sings of the inspiration behind the restaurant: the dazzling Baroque period of 17th-century Europe.

The Baroque was a time of flamboyant genius in art, music and architecture. The Baroque gave us the dining room, in which a room was reserved strictly for the enjoyment of food for the first time in history. Baroque cuisine was marveled for its inventiveness, spurred by the discovery of new ingredients and the popularity of lavish, theatrical banquets among the nobility and upper class.

The Bar-Roque Grill is located at the corner of Amara Hotel in the up-andcoming hipster zone of Tanjong Pagar. The restaurant’s two focal points are its innovative modern rotisserie — one of the biggest in Singapore – and its outdoor terrace. Its décor reinterprets the social exuberance of the Baroque era in a contemporary idiom, with sophisticated wallpaper and fine leather contrasted with naturally textured stone and wood, iron and brick.

Iconic table service centerpieces and a dramatic ‘iron curtain’ accentuate the playful, eclectic ambience. On a wall ‘hangs’ a ‘fine art graffiti’ piece by Singapore graffiti artist Ceno2 — his tongue-in-cheek rendition of the beloved Baroque motif of the cherub.

French novelist Jean-Claude Izzo wrote, “To sit down to a meal, whether at home or in a restaurant, with our families or with our friends, is to recover our memories.” The Bar-Roque Grill is about fun and togetherness — about its 90 inviting seats, its spectacular open kitchen and magnificent Chef’s Table. It’s about Chef Stephane’s playful mingling with the guests and his surprise daily specials that simply beg to be shared. And it’s about the one-price “Butchers’ Sunday” special that echoes the ‘Sunday roast’ that feeds the entire family at home.

And there’s more: like the beautiful semi-private room, the Cherub Room, for guests who require a bit more quiet and intimacy; and the inviting outdoor terrace where revelers can relax and linger until the wee hours. Both these cozy spaces offer endless possibilities for a theme party or a private event.

Like the décor, the restaurant’s food expresses a grand appetite for life. It is refined yet hearty, traditional yet innovative, and bursts forth from the passionate classic-contemporary soul of Chef Stephane Istel. The use of rediscovered traditional cooking methods is a special feature of Chef Stephane’s French-inspired menu. The rotisserie is transformed into an opulent showcase: rotating skewers of lamb, chicken, beef and pork promising gustatory bliss. Foodstuffs such as jus de viande and pickles are made in-house artisanal-style, and ingredients are sourced from all over the world, including France and especially Australia and New Zealand.

The must-try’s at Bar-Roque include Chef Stephane’s rotisserie free-range chicken, Australian pork knuckle, delightfully crisp tarte flambée, indulgent seafood platter, house-made and house-smoked charcuterie, and ‘Mom’s’ apple pie — for these are dishes born out of much love and thought, and friendship.

Likewise the wines are all embracing, with a fine international cellar focusing on Alsace, Australia and New Zealand. The bar mixes an alluring range of artisanal cocktails and spirits, including infused rums with signature flavors like lychee and ginger; red grape, pear and cinnamon; and pineapple, chilli, star anise and vanilla. And there’s delectable bar food for late-night revelers who feel peckish.

Bar-Roque Grill is the brainchild of the dynamic team of Stephane Istel and Kori Millar. Alsace-born, French cuisine-trained Stephane was formerly Executive Chef of DB Bistro Moderne @ MBS by Daniel Boulud. His more than 20 years of culinary experience has seen him in top-flight kitchens around the world including France, St-Martin in the Caribbean, New York, Vancouver, and now Singapore. Stephane is co-owner and Executive Chef of Bar-Roque Grill.

His business partner and the co-owner of Bar-Roque Grill is Kori Millar. New Zealand-born Kori brings with her more than 20 years of F&B management and restaurant opening experience, including a period as General Manager of Australian celebrity chef Neil Perry’s Rockpool Bar and Grill in Sydney. Kori has worked in New Zealand, Australia, the Bahamas, England and Spain. In Singapore she helped open Scott Webster’s restaurant, OSIA @ RWS, and she was also the former General Manager of Sky57 @ MBS by Justin Quek.

Bar-Roque Grill’s food and bar services open until late, and the restaurant is directly linked to hotel services, a shopping mall, and public transportation. Set lunches at Bar-Roque Grill start from $32++.


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