Alex Minsky joined the US Marine Corps in October 2008. He was shipped off to initial training in January 2009 and not unlike most service-members Minsky deployed shortly thereafter. In May of 2009 after just three short weeks in country he was injured when the vehicle he was driving rolled over an IED. Alex sustained multiple life threatening injuries from the explosion, one of which was a Grade 3 Traumatic Brain Injury which put him into a coma that lasted 48 days. While in the coma his situation took a turn for the worse when he developed an infection caused by the dirt and debris that entered his open wounds. Alex spent 18 months re-learning how to do the simplest of tasks such as speaking, eating, and walking with his prosthetic leg. Once he was well enough he received a promotion to Corporal, a purple heart, and an Honorable Discharge/Retirement. Retired at 21 with a steady paycheck, Alex turned to alcohol to fill his time and help him deal with all his demons. Not long after moving back home, his brother died from an overdose and his drinking begun to spiral out of control. After getting three DUIs in three months, Alex was doing his best to stay sober, the gym and alcohol had become his solace and since he could not drink he went to the gym. While he was working out he noticed someone watching him, trying to catch his eye that someone turned out to be Tom Cullis, a professional photographer. Alex and Tom booked a shoot that very day. Fifty-five days after that shoot Alex checked into rehab and to stay productive in his recovery he continued to book shoots with other photographers. Never in a million years did this heavily tattooed Marine expect that shoot to lead to a modeling career. Since that first shoot Alex has had the opportunity to work with many more photographers and share his story with the masses through different forms of media. It is his hope to use his new career to inspire others to keep moving forward and take back control of their lives.

We caught up with Alex during Fide Fashion Week 2013

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